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Swap sex pics mobile phone numbers only

You may recall the fact that Verizon and AT&T notably did not sign the collective letter asking the government to allow affected companies to release information on government requests for data.

According to Ryan Gallagher at Slate, the NSA, along with other agencies, are able to something most would feel to be improbable, if not impossible: track the location of cell phones even if they're turned off.Security features include photo capture and GPS tags of intruders after four login attempts.When you're alone and ready to kick back and enjoy your sexy content on the big screen, you can stream the pics and videos straight to your Apple TV via Air Play.Sparing usage, properly targeted isn't really an issue.But if updates containing spyware have been pushed to the thousands of non-targeted individuals just to ensure the targets are included, it becomes more problematic, and the track record of the two agencies who have used this technology is far from pristine.

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On Monday, the Washington Post published a story focusing on how massively the NSA has grown since the 9/11 attacks.

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