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Navigating the cold and flu aisle is surprisingly complicated.A Consumer Reports survey of 744 adults across the U. who recently had a cough, cold, or the flu found that many thought the shopping experience was confusing.

And we answer other common questions about shopping for cough and cold medicine.For example, Sudafed PE Congestion and Wal-Phed PE, the store brand for Walgreens, both contain 10 mg of the decongestant phenylephrine.But 36 tablets of Sudafed cost , and 36 tablets of Wal-Phed cost less than .Or better yet, try nondrug measures first and meds only when they’re needed.If you do opt for a combo, at least stick to one that treats the symptoms you actually have.

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For example, sedating antihistamines such as diphenhydramine, found in many combos, make falls more likely for older adults, says Leigh Ann Mike, Pharm.

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