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Plenty of fish new dating site

BARBARA S cc: Depart of Consumer Affairs Consumer Fraud Division https:// Federal Bureau of Investigation United States Department of Defense. Sure theyre a big company with big advertising budgets but you still have to make an effort. In my experience and ive been dating online for a long time now, you get what you put in.USA TODAY NEWSPAPER FOX NEWS POF is a dating site you should stay away from. My first problem is the fact that POF has different standards of what can be posted by males vs what can be posted by females.I did an image google search and guess what the person is using the pictures of 26 years old football player Darius Slay to catfish women on POF.The catfish is user:" the bodyshape7: Hello Beautiful" Do your search yourself if you want to verify my information.IF EVERY THING IN ITS ENTIRETY IS NOT ENTIRELY REMOVED FROM MY PROFILE TO INCLUDE MY IMAGES I WILL EMPLOY AN ATTORNEY AND FILE SUIT. And do some homework before you give a guy your phone number or email.NOT TO MENTION EVERY AGENCY I INTEND TO REPORT YOU TO. Someone is getting rich on a major scam dating site. Sure, it's not as good as some of the lesser known sites like We Just Fit or Match but still, it can get you results if you play things patiently and dont expect to find the woman of your dreams in five minutes.I ATTEMPTED TO RESET IT AND I NEVER EVEN GOT A CONFIRMATION IN MY GMAIL ACCOUNT. HE THEN TOLD ME I NEEDED TO GIVE HIM A PAYMENT OF 3.99. SO WITH HIM GOING CRAZY IN MY COMPUTER HE CONTINUED TO BLACK OUT MY SCREEN SO I COULDN' T SEE WHAT HE WAS DOING.

Shame on POF staff members for letting liars catfish women!!! MY ACCOUNT WAS COMPROMISED WHEN I LOST MY LAST PHONE.Legit or not, some guys who are considered LGBT haters only do that so they can hurt you in any way after you try messaging them.I don't want any other transgender girl to go through what I have been through on this site and I am writing this honest review to share what I have experienced with this site before anyone joins it.THE FOLKS AT 8002520044 HACKED me, tried to extort money and a credit card number from me and continued to access my computer without consent and went places in my computer without knowledge as they would black out my screen till I shut off my computer. THE TECH AT YOUR 800 NUMBER FROM SOMEWHERE LIKE THE PHILIPPINES, CHINA OR SOMEWHERE USED AND MADE ME INSTALL THREE DIFFERENT PROGRAMS.Then they continued to call my phone to yell at me that I was rude because I wouldn't let them continue their hack. ONLY ONE WORKED HE THEN GOT ME INTO MY ACCOUNT SO I COULD RE SET MY PASSWORD BUT WOULD NOT I REPEAT NOT LET ME. NOTE HE SAID HE NEEDED TO USE A PROGRAM AND LOGIN TO MY COMPUTER AND TAKE CONTROL OR HE WOULDN' T LET ME IN MY POF ACCOUNT.

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