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An accomplished and talented woman, Lady Dacre published a collection of verse in two volumes entitled (1835).

She was married secondly (1819) to Thomas Brand, Lord Dacre (1774 – 1851) whom she survived as the Dowager Lady Dacre (1851 – 1854).

With her younger sister, Clara Thurston Dacomb (1867 – 1946), who likewise remained unmarried, Beatrice was the inventor of the Dacomb shorthand system, which was later officially adopted by the Department of Education in Victoria (1943).

The sisters co-wrote (1921) and established the Dacomb College in Little Collins Street, Melbourne (1936).

After her arrival in Paris she worked in the same capacity under the leading French milliners, Caroline Rebux and Suzanne Talbot before immigrating to the USA (1914).

Dache settled in Atlantic City with relatives before moving to New York where she worked as a saleswoman in a laege department store.

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The Dacomb shorthand was later adopted in Buenos Aires in Argentina (1956) and in the kingdom of Tonga (1974).

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