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Persona 3 fes dating yukari

Other than a few standard (but excellent) rock tracks (one which features the Velvet Room melody), Persona 3's soundtrack is a huge departure from the series.

It's much hipper and more modern, with a heavy pop feeling, similar to Jet Grind Radio - most of the songs have vocals, including some silly French whispering in one song and some English rapping in the battle theme.

and enemies are more likely to get surprise attacks on the party and avoid preemptive attacks, even when hit from behind.

There's a new Social Link for Aigis, as well as additional events for the other existing Social Links.

The expansion episode, dubbed "The Answer" deals with the events immediately following the ending of Persona 3.

Trying to cope with the aftermath, the members of SEES find themselves trapped in the Iwatodai Dorm, unable to leave, and caught in a repeating day.

During this time, strange things begin happening around town, including the appearance of a mysterious tower called Tartarus that erupts from beneath the school.Most releases, except for special ones through, do not come with the artbook and soundtrack goodies. The first offering comes in the form of "Episode Yourself/The Journey" (as it's known in the US version); an expanded version of Persona 3.In addition to the regular content, The Journey adds a new Hard Mode, where the prices to resummon old Persona from the Compendium are quadrupled.The game uses a variation of the Press Turn system found in SMT Nocturne and Digital Devil Saga, although you can only control your player character.Your fellow companions are AI-controlled, and while they're pretty smart, it feels weird that you can't directly influence their actions.

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