Kurdistan24 online dating

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Kurdistan24 online dating

The SDF liberated the strategic town of Tabqa and Syria’s largest dam south of the Euphrates two weeks ago after 50 days of fighting and with the assistance of a US-backed air drop.

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan 24) – Warplanes presumably belonging to Turkey staged airstrikes on the Kurdistan Region's Mount Asos for the second time in less than a fortnight, targeting perceived Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) targets, local officials said.

website & when i am watching the mentioned tv channel , i just say " such a waste " of Kurdistan's human resources & Kurdistan's financial & economical resources, No productivity, No development of human resources, No professionality, it's just a swamp Tonight EBL I'll be live wth Prof.

@Dlawer in #Basi Roj program considering the talk bxn top leaders of #KRI's main political parites at #MERI, discussing unity to overcome crises, rule-of-law, fighting corruption, constructive dialogue with #Baghdad, lobbying.

ICYMI: @nikkihaley criticized #Iran’s role in Iraq in an emergency Security Council meeting on Friday which the #US called for in response to the #Iran Protests and the regime’s heavy-handed suppression of them.

# tv,tahrip edilen mezarlıkları görmezken,yıkılan #sur'dan bi habermiş gibi iki kelimeyle" yasak var" dedi hop diclekentin gözde mekanlarından bir cafeden canlı yayın yaptı,rakı türkü falan güllük gülistanlık gibi sundu,bumu habercilik?

Two airstrikes in late September killed seven civilians in the Sheladize district of Dohuk Province."I couldn't find a #Kurdish flag, they'd run out!" yells guy waving Brazil flag in #kirkuk #Kurdistan Referendum pic.twitter.com/bxh M23o Mxq — Campbell Mac Diarmid (@Campbell Mac D) September 25, 2017 Tens of thousands of Kurds defy the Islamist regime in #Iran to support the independence referendum in #Kurdistan.Thousands of people in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq have cast votes in a referendum billed as a first step towards independence from Baghdad, defying regional demands that the ballot be abandoned and international fears that the outcome could spark violence. “It is the best day of my life.” His relative Mala Rasul Mamish, 40, said: “I hope that the west will see this as a historic day, and not just the project of one political party. So much of our blood has been spilled for being Kurds.As voting stations closed, more than 80% of registered voters had cast ballots in a poll that many felt went beyond the demands of Iraq’s Kurdish north to buttress the cause of Kurds across the region. The Iraqi government has done to us things that even infidels wouldn’t do.” The ballot is widely expected to deliver an overwhelming yes for independence – a boost for the de facto Kurdish president, Massoud Barzani, who had invested much of his political capital as leader in putting Iraq’s Kurds on a pathway to independence.

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