Kitty katswell dating dudly puppy fanfiction

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Kitty katswell dating dudly puppy fanfiction

My 1st guinea pig: Darwin- He was my 1st guinea pig ever!!!!!!! I always think of him on the 25th, cause he died on the 25th of Sept. Black eyes, a cute little black triangle shaped nose."A Roz is a tan cat, with red fiery hair, which is always in a ponytail. Where she been friends with Dudley ever since."Yep." Roz started. (dosnt matter what color it is) Her eyes are green. (any colors works out) She like being a little kid. A commissioned story written by Sparrow Wolfess of Custom Prose, with some additional help by yours truly! This fic will have language, possible drug usage, & possible sexual content-(later on) in it.

" Catastrophe purrs sexually."I don't know, Catastrophe." Kitty said. ""And I wanna spend more time with Agent Puppy brother too!

Medium to large breasts, a sexy hourglass midsection & a big sexy booty."Oh, Homey! She also wears a red spy jacket with a white shirt underneath. White gloves with black trim on top and black boots with red trim on top."I look good! Even though they are secret agents, they are friends with three of Petropolis' most dangerous villains; Madame Catastrophe, Dr.

" the three sexy cats said in unison, as they do a sexy pose.

It was all dark & a spotlight was shining on her sitting on the desk.

It shows Kitty sitting on a desk, with her right leg draped over her left hip.

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Kitty turns to her."Well, probably the same thing as last season, Rozzie." Kitty said. And there's gonna be some new villains, new fast food places, new stores, & I'm gonna have a new next door neighbor.""That's good." Roz said."Are you gonna get pregnant, by Agent Puppy darlink, Katswell darlink? Kitty looks into the air."Maybe, Catastrophe." she answers.

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