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Well, here is the story and the phone app that changed my life... something that hadn't even been a blip on the horizon before the incident.

I read lots of them, even created a new 'cravingdick' email and replied to a few but always chickened out when the offer to meet was given... I imagined becoming a cum bucket for some big dicked stranger.

I was watching straight porn and spending more time staring at the cock than the woman. I mean I knew when a man was good looking, but who cared...

This led me to searching for pictures of cock, which led me to hours and hours on Tumblr scrolling down page after page and checking out cock after cock. Big ones, small ones, straight ones, curved ones, thick ones, black ones....

or when I shot my load and all the excitement of sucking cock dissipated and was replaced with guilt at the idea of being a cock sucker or cheating on my wife. When we chatted, he talked about his kids, his wife and all the general crap that men talk about... he even bragged he still got it at least three times a week... Yet, the more I watched porn, the more I scrolled down Tumblr, the more obsessed I became about the idea of sucking cock. And every time I fantasized about it, I would cum really hard. sure enough, I would be back watching porn, staring at a cock sliding in and out of a mouth, a pussy, an ass, whatever, so long as it was a cock.

During this time, Jack came over a few times for poker night and every time I saw him I wondered what he would do if I told him I knew. Then I would feel guilty and ashamed at the idea of being some cock sucking faggot and tell myself I wouldn't ever watch porn again. Another night while I was scrolling down Tumblr like the fascinated cock addict I had become, I saw something that changed my life forever. I never imagined fulfilling it like any of my other out there fantasies: like a threesome with my wife and sister, anal sex, watching two women, my wife being gangbanged or getting to fuck Beyoncé. It guaranteed discretion and it matched you up with cocks based on your needs. Well the fact I was actually doing the survey implied the obvious.

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