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” Just as I have previously explained, we live in a heteronormative society, meaning that if two girls are checking into one hotel room, the assumption is that they are two friends sleeping in separate beds.

I wanted to ask her if there was a problem, but that would have just made it more awkward.You don’t know where to look, and if you look at the person staring at you, guess what, more awkwardness!However, being stared at in the gym locker room is not the most awkward moment I have ever had in public with my partner. Checking into hotel rooms with your partner, “Will that be two double beds?No, one queen please.” Checking into hotel rooms is usually no big deal, unless you are in a highly conservative part of the country with your equally gay partner.One of the most awkward moments I have experienced as a lesbian has occurred following the question, “Will that be two double beds?

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How does a heterosexual individual know that they are not gay or lesbian of they have not tried it? There is no sexual desire, no impulse, no drive, maybe not even any curiosity. Sorry boys, it’s not about how you are or aren’t working it, it’s what you have to work with.

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