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Ads bank dating other personal

Fraudsters may also use the information to open a bank account or take out a loan in your name. What is it: A sharp-eyed robber looks over your shoulder at a cashpoint machine to watch you tap in a PIN code – often then pickpocketing your card.Sometimes fake keypads and spy cameras are used to read the PIN code tapped in.Do not store account names or passwords on a computer.

According to the survey, all other crimes – including such instances as burglary, criminal damage, vehicle theft and violence – totalled 5.9 million.

This new crimewave is costing the economy £193 billion a year, according to a study by the University of Portsmouth.

Worse still, banks are now saying they will not necessarily compensate victims who have been 'careless'.

A financial crimewave is sweeping across Britain as high-tech fraudsters employ a worrying array of scams to plunder people's bank accounts. Figures released last month show that one in nine adults has either been the victim of a cyber attack – often with money secretly taken from a bank account or swindled as they visit a bogus website.

The number of computer attacks is now almost as high as all other notifiable crimes put together.

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How to combat it: There is little you can do as an individual, other than ask yourself how safe your money is.